When I really think about my cable bill…

It doesn’t bother me as much.  Sure, just looking at the total is depressing, but then I think about what Time Warner delivers me for my ~$200/month.

I have about 30 HD channels.  I could have more, but I don’t watch Premium Channels – so I don’t pay for them.  I have a bunch of interactive TV stuff – some of it I use often (Start Over is very cool).

I have hundreds of TV channels to choose from.

And that is all very cool.

I also have a digital phone that lets me call anywhere I want to call for a flat fee.  I don’t have to think twice about calling that customer in New York.  It is “free”.  All I can eat for $39.95 a month.

And that is all very cool.

But I also get Road Runner High Speed Internet.  I think I pay $50/month for this.

And Road Runner lets me work from my home.  It lets me consume on average 10 GB a month of content – blogs, music, movies, news, etc.

It also lets me create a lot of content in a lot of ways.  I can blog, upload videos, do podcasts and even talk to my developers overseas all via the Internet.

But mostly Time Warner lets me work from home.  The money I am saving on gas more than pays for my Internet.  And my cable.  And my phone.

So now that TW has all the bugs worked out with my house (in an older neighborhood that required some upgrades) I don’t cringe when looking at my cable bill.

In fact, I have a > $300 CREDIT right now.  Because I am over-paying.  Because I don’t want to underpay.  I don’t want my life-feed to be cut off.

I don’t want to have to go to an office.  It has really been about 7 years since I *had* to go to an office.

So I will continue to bitch if my Time Warner service fails.  But I think I am over bitching about how much it costs me.  When I consider that every dime I make comes through my cable modem, either through a phone call or an Internet connection.

And then I meet the most wonderful people.

So yes – my Time Warner connection is worth every penny I pay.  I wish it cost less.  But I won’t bitch about it any more.

Unless it breaks.