When Neighbors Turn

“But that’s not fair – you are the only one that doesn’t agree”, she whined as I explained once again to a neighbor that no, I will NOT vote to close our street.

In the small town I live in it takes a 100% vote to close off one end of a residential street.  Since I live on the very end they want to close, I vote no.  And it’s turned some “nice” neighbors into jackasses.  They mail me crap every day, call me, and ring my doorbell for a “chat” – all in an attempt to get me to change my mind.

There are 27 houses on my street and each homeowner gets one vote.  So that’s now 26 neighbors who aren’t happy with me.  Bummer.

I did give them an out though – they can each chip in $9615.39 cents and buy my house :).  That totals $250,000.14.  For that I’ll sell.  They can then vote to close the street and after it’s closed they can put their new house (my old one) back on the market.  They’ll get about $220K for it, meaning each homeowner would have paid just $1153.85 to get the street closed.  Seems like a bargain to me.

And the total value of the 27 homes on this street is 5.76 million dollars – so these aren’t people that can’t afford $1153.85.  Not with an average house valuation of $213,407.41!

So they have a choice.  They can shut the hell up and leave me alone, or they can buy me out.  I like the access to the Interstate from our street – the ease of getting anywhere from here is why I bought this house. 

So next the city gets involved and they want me to change my vote (keeps 26 residents happy and almost every election here is won or lost by less votes than that).

So then I make the city an offer – re-zone my property for business. I’ll vote to close the street if I can build a single story office complex on my property and move the access to it off of my current street and onto the access road of the Interstate.  This seems like a win-win to me – the neighbors would get what they want, the City would get what they want (happy citizens and a new source of taxes) and I would have a decent little income property (or I could flip the commercial property for about 800K and let someone else build whatever they want on it).

So I’m not a completely unreasonable neighbor.

Or am I?