When that extra something isn’t enough – U.S. Business – MSNBC.com

WaiterRant is one of my favorite blogs.  It is well written.  It is human.  It is often funny even when it is sad.

This MSNBC story is about tipping.  I generally tip well – 20% is easier for my math-deprived mind to calculate than 15% is.

But I don’t tip for bad service.  Want to get a zilch on a tip – let me know you hate your job and that your would rather be doing almost anything other than serving me.  You won’t only get stiffed on a tip but I am likely to suggest you find a new line of work, and I am likely to tell the same to your manager.

But serve me well and I’ll not only tip well, I’ll get your name – and I’ll ask for you to be my server the next time I visit.  We’ll build a relationship – you’ll learn what I like and you’ll care for me better than a server I don’t know.  I’ll tip you better and better every time you make my dining experience enjoyable.

I’m not rich, so I don’t tip crazy – but I tip realistically.  If I had truly rotten service I can usually tell if the problem is with the server or the establishment.  If it’s the establishment then I’ll still tip the server well – I just won’t be back to that place.

What are your tipping habits?  Do you tip even when the service sucks?

Source: When that extra something isn’t enough – U.S. Business – MSNBC.com