When you write a personal blog, that your clients read…

You can decide to write what you think your clients want to read, or what your readers want to read, or you can just write.

I don’t know what I will write about tomorrow.  If one of my kids does something stupid, then maybe I focus there.  If a cop runs over my mailbox, you will hear about it.

I’ve blogged about both.

But I won’t change how I blog, or what I blog about because my clients read my blog.  I like knowing they read my blog.

I like customers understanding me.  Often I have the same goals they do – I love my family, and I love my work.  Family comes first.

But I want to make money.  I MUST make money.  We must ALL make money.  There is nothing evil about that.

Some of us make money and give back to our communities.  Others don’t.  I don’t judge those that don’t give back.

I do prefer those that do.

In any case, I blog what I want, and customers can love me or hate me for it, but I’ll keep blogging all the same.

I don’t blog about clients – but I do blog FOR them.  So they can see who I am.  If they don’t like me then fine.  I would rather know that now.