Where do you go to think, and learn?

Yesterday the State of Texas stamped their seal of approval on me owning a motorcycle by again renewing my registration.  OK – they just wanted the $65.  Whatever.

But it had been months and months since I had ridden (was a brutally cold winter).  So I went out today.  For a couple hours. Nothing amazing happened. I did not meet a field of bluebonnets, or a majestic owl.  I just rode a bit.

The thing I like about riding is that I seem to somehow be able to think about things that I am not actively thinking about – much like I sometimes do when I am sleeping.

Problems seem to get solved in the back of my brain while I focus on the road, the smell, the machine and the now.

Very few people that I know like for me to ride.  Most of my friends, almost all of my bosses, and my kids.  None of them really like it.  None of them really get it either.

When I am riding my bike, slicing through the wind, and leaning into the curves – when I am not thinking about kids, or work, or friends, or anything – I come out a better something after.  I come out a better friend, employee, parent, and boss. And a better me.

Riding a bike is something that escapes a lot of people. The freedom.  The sense of release – having to focus enough of your brain on the moment… it lets you forget the stress, the deadlines, the commitments. It lets you find that freedom, for as long as it lasts.

Interestingly enough, a 2 hour recharge can last many months. The promise of the next ride gets me through the times in between.

Not suggesting we all ride motorcycles.  Am suggesting we need something that rejuvenates us this way.

We all need a recharger.  And we all have different ones.


  1. Right on Rob, so many folks caught up in rut and rat race just don’t realize how productive it is to relax. I’m getting back into cycling after 15 years away, and I totally feel what you’re saying – slicing through air, breeze on your face, body, mind and spirit in sync. Makes me a better person, more focused, more present.

    Scott Ginsberg tweeted today, “Discovery is the dividend of displacement. When was the last time your brain got the heck outta dodge?”


  2. For me it’s walking. I’m fortunate to have a beautiful big park nearby and I take full advantage of it – to spend time with my dog, exercise and just to clear my head when I’m stuck for ideas on what to write about next!

  3. Nice article. I rode up until last week when I sold my bike. No one got it either. My fiance and her family don’t understand. It can’t be explained to people who have never ridden. One day I’ll ride again.

  4. I’d say that DJing (anything to do with some music) and traveling is where my creativity is most ‘recharged’. I’ve always wanted a motorcycle — will have to think about this idea as my wife would love it as well.