Why a "small blog is better"

Robert Scoble has more jackasses commenting on his blog than I have reading mine.

The Head Lemur (Raving Lunacy) doesn’t need a lot of irate comments to make his site crazy – he pretty much handles that on his own.

I read both blogs – and most of the comments.  I enjoy their blogs – partly because of the crazies.

But that’s why I like having a small blog – I’ve never had to delete a comment or really even argue with anyone.

The difference is that this blog is still small enough that it is *my* blog – and I can write whatever I want without worrying about chasing away 10% of my users – or 50%.  What’s that, a hundred people at worse? (less depending on the week).

Blogs are (IMHO) supposed to be places where you can talk about things that are important to you – whether that is politics, personal stuff, tech, or religion.

This is my blog.  I can easily switch from talking about The Learning Locker to talking about my son’s girlfriend.  It’s my blog – I have that option.

I think when you get too many readers the pressure gets to heavy, and you start to give in, and you start talking about what you think your audience wants to hear  instead of what you feel like writing about.

I can almost guarantee that your writing will be more interesting if you are writing about what you feel like writing about at that moment, instead of what you feel compelled to write about.

I’m not suggesting that either Robert or the Head Lemur feel pressured to write about what they perceive their audiences want to hear about – I’m just saying that I think *I* could be pressured by a big audience to focus on what I thought that audience wanted to read.

So I am enjoying the freedom to post randomly about what’s important to me, or interesting to me.  It’s not that I don’t care about an audience – I do – I don’t want to bore anyone. But I also want to talk about stuff I know about, and stuff I am passionate about, and things that mean something to me.

On a given day that could be something personal that happened years ago, an idea on something tech related, or just something interesting I read on the Internet that made me think.

I try to post things that I can relate to personally, because this is a personal blog – and posting generic news stuff is best done by Reuters, or MSNBC.  Doesn’t mean I won’t reference them now and then if they have a story I can relate to – but this is “Rob’s Blog” – so most of what you get here is somehow related to “Rob”.

I like blogs that are personal – I like reading posts from people that are passionate – even if I disagree with them.

So if you have been reading, and you like my blog, thanks.  I enjoy writing it, usually.

Usually writing is fun – occasionally it’s frustrating, and sometimes it can be painful.  But to me it is always interesting, and I hope that’s the way you see it.

You have an option not to read.  I’m not sure I have an option not to write!

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for reading.  Sorry for the rant – don’t really understand what provoked it.  But it is “Rob’s Blog”, and this is what I felt like writing about! 🙂



  1. dang, I thought this was MY blog…huh