Why aren’t there more Geeks at casinos?

I have several opinions on this:

  • First, I think Geeks understand the odds.
  • Second, I don’t think Geeks understand the social environment (and casinos can be extremely social!  I’ve met people over the last two years that I see every 4-6 months.)
  • Third, casinos don’t cater to Geeks – the Internet access suck (because they want you at the tables instead of sitting in your room blogging about the casino).
  • WiFi isn’t free (of course, if you gamble enough it will be “comped” (free).
  • The Internet connection is slow.  Maybe 3 MBPS.
  • There aren’t many “Games for Geeks” (G4G).  If I owned a casino in Vegas I would have G4G.  Specific games – maybe they only run during major geek conferences.  Some interesting G4Gs:
    1. I bet I can install MySQL,  PHP, and a fully functional WordPress installation in under 17 minutes.
    2. I bet I can film, encode and upload a 60 second video to YouTube in less that 30 minutes.
    3. I bet I can retrieve and/or change the admin password to a Windows 2000 machine in less than 3 minutes.
    4. I bet I can find at least one security lapse in your network in 15 minutes or less.

Anyway, just some suggestions.   I’m sure other Geeks can come up with more.



  1. 3 mbps is slow, eh? Those G4Gs rock though.