Why can’t we all just get along?

Before I moved my blog (this morning) to a new server, it had always run on a Windows machine.  Now it runs on Linux.  I don’t really give a shit either way, as long as I have good tools to manage it.

But as I look back at a couple old posts I see garbage characters.  Windows/Intel font issues.  Why?

Really – Why?  Could’t this just be made to work?


  1. crap – replied to the worng post 🙂


  2. 1and1.com – Paul recommended it – and after we got some initial bugs worked out, I love it. Drop-dead easy to manage. I have 14 domains on my site now – I pay $14.95 a month ($19.95/month after the first six months) for it.

    Hard to beat that.


  3. OK, I see weird characters in Flock, my default browser. Even Paul’s comment above has odd characters in my browser.

    I’ll swith back to FF/IE for a while, and see if that “cures” it!


  4. I haven’t noticed any weird characters. Well, besides Paul and myself…

    @Deannie … errr… girl … we need to talk!

  5. Heh – me, an errant keyboard nverrer!


  6. I notice I get a lot of weird characters in my reader headers…but I figure that is Newsgator or something else. Besides your errant keyboard and how it messes you up (*cough*) I haven’t noticed any weird characters. Well, besides Paul and myself… 😉

  7. Well, I fixed the ones I found – the next time I find one, I’ll leave it and send you the link.


  8. Interesting. Can you give me a more precise location of the problem characters? Since ‘presentation’ issues should be transparant for the server .. it just passes content. It doesn’t know know about or do anything with fonts.
    I can be wrong, but I don’t think it has anything to do with what OS you’re running on, or what server you’re using. I would suspect the change in theme first! (check your style sheet for odd fonts for instance). But then again.. I COULD be wrong. But I’d like to figure out how and why I would be wrong.