Why Craig’s List Sucks

Craigslist used to be pretty cool.  Before the spammers, bullshit “make a fortune at home marketing scammers” and others found it.  Now it’s crap – at least here in San Antonio.  It’s worse than worthless because it consumes time.

Why is it worthless?  No moderation.  Nobody is there to boot out the ne’er do wells.  Nobody polices Craigslist.  Yeah – maybe that’s part of the culture of Craigslist.  If it is, it’s a broken culture, and if it isn’t fixed the utility of the site becomes less than zero.

How would I fix it?  I would add a social aspect to it where people can vote advertisers off the site.  Bury bullshit ads that guarantee to pay me $30,000 a month for licking envelopes.  Bury bullshit deeply enough that it doesn’t get in the way of most of my users.

Craigslist used to be useful – now it’s a spam receptacle.