Why did I unsubscribe from over 50 blogs today?

The Blogger’s will never know.  That’s too bad.  In most cases it was as simple as "you don’t post often enough.  12 posts a year won’t keep me interested".

Google Reader (and other readers) could fix this – when I select Unsubscribe they could let me enter a short reason why.  Or not.  Anonymous, or not.  That reply could be emailed to Blogger’s that "opted in" for notification.

Heck – the same thing could be done when someone subscribed to a blog.  "I liked your post about wet rabbits" or whatever.

So I am back down to under 400 blogs now.  Ones I read every day, or many times a day I follow in Google Reader (since I can access them from any computer).  Other less often read blogs I read in FeedGhost.


  1. I just unsubscribed from another 37 blogs. Why? They only supplied partial feeds. Life is too short to click through 🙂

  2. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid 😉

  3. I unsubscribed and updated my reader today too and I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING! (should I be worried now?)