Why does it have to be this hard? (vehicle insurance)

I have used Progressive for my Motorcycle insurance for a number of years, and have never made a claim. They take their ~$25/month directly out of my checking account.

I haven’t talked to them in over two years. I haven’t needed to.

Today they sent me my new policy – it’s 11 pages, printed on both sides of the paper. That doesn’t include the 32 page “Texas Motorcycle Policy” book that was also included.

I don’t have time to read all this crap – just tell me what is different (inline, in the document – not with a separate “important changes” page – I want to see EVERY change inline – so I can see how it REALLY affects my policy).

So I’ve been reading the policy.

Interestingly enough they have Section 567 – “Christian Science Care”.

“With respect to Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payments Coverage the phrase “necessary medical” includes necessary services rendered by accredited Christian Science Practitioners and facilities”

Who knew? I mean first, who knew I had a special section to cover care by an “accredited Christian Science Practitioner” (whatever the hell that is)?! But also – who knew they had their own “facilities”? I’ve never seen a Christian Science Emergency Room (which is what I would need if I crashed my bike).

But later they also say they will cover a person who is “wearing a seat belt OR protected by an air bag”.

This is a motorcycle policy. Yes – I DO realize that there are motorcycle with airbags now (really!). But seat belts on a motorcycle?

Yet they don’t mention helmets at all (that I have seen yet anyway). Odd.

But 43 pages (plus advertising crap) just to renew a policy that has been in effect for a number of years? A policy I have never made a claim on?

Odd. And harder than it should be.