Why I am leaving MSN Live Spaces


  1. No notification when people leave comments.  I gotta dig for them.
  2. No comment feeds.
  3. It’s too hard for people to comment (they have to have a Spaces ID)
  4. I don’t control my data – there is no way to export it in any fashion so I can take it to another blogging platform.  Interestingly enough, The fact I couldn’t move my data was the primary factor that caused me to want to move it – before I get more data to manually move than I can manage!!!  Web 2.0 DOES NOT mean that the webservice owns my data.  It’s my creation, even if it is blabbering drivel about the color of my dog’s shit.  Give me an easy way to move it, or lose me.
  5. I don’t control the CSS.
  6. I don’t really want a MySpace type place – I want a blog – and Spaces isn’t focused on Bloggers.
  7. It’s slow! Subjective I know – but it feels slow.  Perception is reality.
  8. Spell checking.  MS has done this before, do it on MSN Live Spaces!

   Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not just bashing MS – I use their OS, and like it.  I use Office, and like it.  I use about 40 MS applications – but this one just isn’t doing it for me, and it’s not changing fast enough.  Changing the name, and URL just isn’t enough to keep me around.