Why I care about the World Series (for a change)

I’m not a baseball fan – not anymore.  I used to be, but ever since the strike I’ve not really cared.

But this year I care.  A father of two (soon to be three) was killed working for the Rockies minor league team.  He worked for the organization for less than a month.

The team voted, some time ago, to give this coach’s family a full playoff share – something they certainly did not have to do.  It means hundreds of thousands of dollars for his widow, and his young children.

So this year, I care about the World Series.  I hope the Rockies win it in as many or as few games as it takes to get this family the highest possible payout.

Watch the video at the link below.  The Rockies Rock!

They are baseball’s miracle men.  The Colorado Rockies run to the World Series is the biggest Cinderella story in the history of baseball.

And their biggest fans are right here in San Antonio.

"It’s going to be fun to root for a team, and have an affiliation," Amanda Coolbaugh said in an interview with Don Harris.

It’s more than an affiliation.  When the playoffs started, the Rockies players voted to give Amanda Coolbaugh a full playoff share.  What started as a kind gesture is now a gift upwards of 300-thousand dollars, and even more if they win the World Series.  It’s just part of what the Rockies have done since Coolbaugh was tragically killed by a line drive while coaching in a minor league game.

Joey and Jacob Coolbaugh got to throw out the first pitch at the Rockies first playoff game. 

"Unbelievable.  They still talk about it, they still think they were in the World Series," Coolbaugh says of her son’s experience. 

One-on-One with Amanda Coolbaugh | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News