Why I don’t like Social Media, but do it for a living.

I’ve had a ton of roles in my life. Neonatal Respiratory Therapist, entrepreneur, Customer Support guy, Software QA Manager, Developer – and now managing both a media team and social media. And trying not to mix the two up.

So why do I hate “Social Media”? Because I hate what we’ve made it seem like – like a light touch, semi support, mostly marketing, lead generation tool.  And by “us” I do not mean my company – I mean most of you/us.

Why do I run our “social media” then, if I don’t like it all that much?

Because if I do not run it, I do not have a voice in it.  I can care, or not.  I can be involved, or not.  But if I do not care and am not involved I have little right to complain.  I like to complain, so I need to be involved to maintain some credibility:)

So I “run” our SM efforts because I want to make sure they have the right focus.  I want to make sure we focus on customers – and not marketing, lead-gen, sales, etc.

I want to do it “right” – or at least what I consider to be right.

To me Social Media is just a new name for “loving customers”.

So I don’t care all that much about “measurement”, or “analytics” or “any of that BS”.

To me I want to know that we are first helping customers.  And that is NOT Social Media.  That is customer support.  Which I really love.  Something Rackspace loves.

I am Rob La Gesse and I work for Rackspace.  My home number is 210-370-3861.  My cell is 210-845-4440.

And I love customers.  Social Media helps me find them. I may run Social Media, but it is really all about support.

We use Social Media to find new ways to talk to customers – and give them new ways to find us. That is pretty much it. So far.  I hope to keep it that way.


  1. Funny how you’ve received a lot of flack about this, yet I’m the only one commenting. Cowards!

  2. I love you so much right now and I want to buy you a beer.

    I do the exact same thing you do for a bunch of smaller companies and although I love what being connected has done for me, I grow frustrated daily with companies wanting to control their message, not understanding even a little bit what the hell social even is and expecting their brands to garner a huge following without actually doing anything.

    • I gather you have taken a lot of flack for this post, but I think it shows integrity and demonstrates that you put the customer first (I’m not a Rackspace customer, but your company does have a great reputation).

      So as long as Rackspace is happy with what you are doing, what does it matter what the twittering classes say?


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