Why I forced my home Mortgage company to give me a new account number today

I received an email “from my mortgage company”.  Normally, I delete those emails – they never email, and I know it’s spammers.  But THIS email had my actual account number in the subject.

Cautiously, I disconnected my machine from the Internet, started RegMon to monitor any changes to my Registry, and I opened the email.

Luckily, the email was an embedded graphic, which GMail won’t display unless I tell it to.  I did NOT tell it to!

Instead, I called my mortgage company and finally got them to issue me a new account number.

How did I know it was a Spammer?  Because, my mortgage company does not email me – all communications with them are via their website, or telephone.  Second, the fact my actual account number was on their didn’t surprise me – I get a lot of junk snail-mail with my actual account number on it (and the exact amount I financed, 5 years ago).  Not surprising a Spammer could get the information.

I’m glad I was cautious, paranoid, even.  You should be too!