Why I smile, and stay awake – for 20 hours a day!

  • I’ve got two wonderful kids.  Really – they pick good friends and make good decisions.  They aren’t perfect, but neither am I.
  • I have an ex-wife and co-parent that I can now talk to as a friend, and as a co-parent.
  • I have a job that I haven’t been able to talk about much, and you wouldn’t believe much of it anyway – it is that cool.
  • I have a friend of 25+ years that I can always find something new to talk about with.
  • I have ex-coworkers and mentors that still help me today.  One especially.
  • I get to call into the NewsGang Live show now and then – and get heard, no matter how many on the call may not agree with my opinion – it is still respected as MY opinion.
  • I have an online community of friends that aren’t unlike my real life friends.  Some I like more than others.  Some I like in different dosages.  Some I like in a certain context.


  1. I wish I were you. But I’ll work on it. Sometime, it is good to see simple posts as your one and ask yourself where you are.

    Thanks Rob,


  2. @kaylyn – Thanks. Things are better than I deserve!

  3. Who could ask for anything more, right? Except maybe more than 4 hours of sleep. :p Sounds like things are going really well for you Rob, that’s wonderful!