Why I wish Amazon Web Services the best

A couple years ago, ServInt – a “competitor” to my employer wrote this blog post:

Why ServInt Stands Beside Rackspace and You Should Too

I sent the author of that post an email and soon found myself developing a great relationship with the author – Reed Caldwell, the CEO of ServInt. Yes, some could say we compete – we are in the same business – but there is a LOT of business in this space, and there are many ways to differentiate yourself so you serve different segments.Β  ServInt and Rackspace have some overlap. Not a lot. Not enough that I feel either of us sees the other as “the enemy”. In fact, we’ve become online friends. Eventually we will meet in person, and I believe we will become better friends.

Today I tip my hat to Amazon Web Services – much as Reed tipped his hat to us years ago. We don’t “win more” when our competitors struggle. We “win more” when the entire industry wins more.

I have a great deal of respect for AWS. I have met Werner Vogels several times and think he is an amazingly humble, kind, and brilliant man. The type of man I cannot hope fails and that is working for a company I still do a lot of business with (just not in Cloud computing!).

Amazon will recover from this, and they will do so quickly. And customers everywhere will learn more about geographic redundancy – at least enough to investigate it and discover the cost/complexity and make an informed decision on what is right for their business.

And the Cloud will get stronger. Every failure teaches us more. Every failure makes us stronger and our customers better informed. As an industry.

To my friends at AWS – hang in there.Β  This too shall pass and tomorrow will be a brighter day – for all of us, and for all of our customers.





  1. Paul Claessen says:

    “I have met Werner Vogels several times”

    Gotta love the man’s accent!

  2. True – when we were discussing moving to AWS, it was a given that we’d be spanning multiple geographic zones. I doubt this would have been the case if not for the ‘disaster’.

  3. Thomas Lukasik says:

    +1 With the lessons learned from these kinds of failures, things will only get better