Why is plumbing so 1950’s?

Why haven’t we made advances in plumbing like we have in electronics and medicine?

I mean, seriously – why do things get clogged up?  I have a 2 inch diameter pipe connected to my sink – nothing NEAR that size ever goes down it.  And a garbage disposal.  I never put grease, pasta, etc down the drain, even through the disposal.  I run drain cleaner routinely.  Yet my sink or tub or something clogs and gets nasty one or twice a year.

Today it’s something on the complete “west wing” of the house – to include the laundry room and the kitchen sink.  Nothing is draining over there, unless you consider flooding two rooms drainage!  The good news is the toilets are all on the “east wing”.

I’ve cleaned most of the mess (haven’t clean-mopped it yet because I need to do a load of laundry, which will probably flood the house again – but I have the wet-vac ready this time – I know it’s coming!).  But the floors are dry, the kitchen sink is empty, and the awful odor is diminished if not completely gone.

So I have a plumber coming tomorrow.  That will be expensive.  Very expensive.  I’ve decided that since I need a plumber anyway, and since I know I need a new garbage disposal I might as well buy the disposal and have it put in.  But then, I have a porcelain sink in the kitchen, which I hate.  I want a new composite material sink that doesn’t scratch, or stain, or fade, or chip.  And as long as I am getting the sink, I may as well replace the horrid faucet in the kitchen (I have NEVER liked that thing!).

So, new sink, new faucets, new garbage disposal, labor, clear the pipes.  I figure $1800.

Because plumbing just doesn’t work.



  1. Yes – I was VERY pleased with the price – and the service.

    And everything is working fine now – caught up on dishes (but not laundry)


  2. Wow! That is VERY reasonable, I was fearing they were going to force you to take a 2nd mortgage…

  3. Plumbing is all fixed now. No Backhoe Required.

    Instead they showed up with a fiber-optic line camera and snaked through over 280 feet of my drain lines before they finally found the blockage – and removed it. Whew!

    Only $152. Whew!


  4. After reviewing my home owner’s policy, I am not sure I agree. I have a rider for “Water related damage to the foundation and structure”. I have nothing that covers (that I can see) them trenching 250 feet of my backyard!

    But, if a backhoe DOES show up in my backyard, I’ll do everything I can do to get them to use it to destroy the f’ing swimming pool from hell I have! Even if I have to drive the thing myself during their (provided by me) lunch break!

  5. A backhoe is probably to be preferred over a jackhammer!

  6. Well, here’s pretty much what happened today – two plumbers came over – a grizzly old expert and a young apprentice. I stayed out of their way as they snaked piped, banged on things, and generally looked around.

    After about an hour I heard something like “Get the boss and the Backhoe”. THAT’S scary! A backhoe is about $250/hour! (I know – I used to own one – “Have Backhoe, will travel” was the company name. I thought it would be a good tax write off at the time.

    Anyway, the plumbers left, promising they would be back later. Instead their boss called me and explained that neither plumber was experienced with older houses like mine (1950’s). He asked if it would be ok to send a different plumber tomorrow – one with more experience with houses like mine. Certainly! Anything is better than a backhoe!

    So my plumbing is still crapped out. Hopefully something gets fixed in the morning. But for now, the kitchen sink, the dishwasher, and the washing machine are all off limits. And that’s fine for a day or two.

    I really hope I don’t see a backhoe though!