Why Jay Leno rules late night

Jay is funny – and even more importantly, he knows funny when he sees it.  That’s why “Ross the Intern” is a regular now.  That’s why Terry Bradshaw has been on 32 times or something. Jay has fun with them both – a new Gay actor and a seasoned NFL Quarterback.  Jay teases them both, but never comes across as being mean.

David Letterman gets most of his jokes at the expense of his guests. 

That’s why Jay is winning.  He may or may not be a better guy.  But he seems like one. 


  1. Let’s hope not. He’s not funny to me at all. According to Jay Leno, Conan will be his replacement when he retires.

  2. But Johhny planned on handing the Tonight Show over to Letterman. Smarter heads prevailed. Conan won’t be runnning the Tonight Show, I don’t think. He doesn’t have the empathy for it.

  3. Hard to believe that he’s planning on giving his show over to Conan “yawn and change the channel” O’Brian after he retires. I always thought no one could be as fun to watch as Johnny Carson, and I was right…although Jay Leno is close behind him.

  4. Oh, how I wish I could watch that! We don’t get to watch the Jay Leno show here in Singapore. Only David Letterman.

  5. Ross is a hoot, isn’t he? I was laughing my butt off with his video blog! It’s not available at Ross’s site yet, but I imagine it will be by tomorrow.

    Thanks June – glad I’m not the only one watching Jay and reading/writing/commenting on blogs!


  6. June Smith says:

    I enjoyed Jay’s show so much tonight. Terry Bradshaw is a real doll in my eyes and at the end when they chasing each other with the pies —- I had tears rolling down my face. I stay up every night to see Jay. [Borat /Larry the cable guy – thank you so much for the fun ]
    I appreciate it more then I know how to put into words and also – Ross is beautiful,
    June Smith,
    London, Ontario, Canada.