Why making a pitch WITH your developers is fun!

I was making a pitch in the last few days to someone/something and I had the development team on the line.

I’m not a marketer.  I try my best.  I was struggling a bit when one of the developers said, “And don’t forget the new <insert cool thing>”.  And I got to talk about that thing – I was just forgetting how cool some of this stuff is.  Too close to the forest, I guess.

And two or three times the programmers were there to bail me out – when I was asked a technical question that was above my pay grade.

When I was a customer support manager I ALWAYS had developers on the line with customers.  The developers were my life-line. 

Marketing people should do the same.  It will keep you from looking stupid.


  1. If developers are NOT on the line with marketing/sales calls (they are sometimes shielded from this out of fear of the developers actually being honest about stuff), then the developers will be invited to the case at a later stage … when they have to travel halfway around the world to go put out some fires at the customer’s site.

    I happen to know this.

    I am a developer.

    And a traveling fireman.

    (And probably too honest to be invited to support, sales and marketing calls)