Why no other choices? (Microsoft doesn’t offer me options for outgoing email in Vista)

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image I just visited a local news site to suggest a story. Flock is my default browser. I have no (set by me) default email client. I use GMail. Anyway, when I clicked on the link, Outlook opened.

I didn’t want Outlook, so I went to the Start:Default Programs link in Vista. My first visit to this feature of Vista.

As you can see, the “default options” offered me no options other than an Outlook option.

Let’s see what mail clients I have configured on this machine. Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Desktop Mail. Gmail. Hmm… none of those show up. Even though I send 99.999% of my email via GMail.

Why not? A technical issue? What is it?

I am sure the GMail team would be happy to help you with it!


  1. OK – this is the third title I have changed today. I doubt I changes three titles in the last eight months!

    This time I added the “me” – because re-reading it seemed a fairly broad accusation against Vista that I had no data to support.

    It was worth fixing. Nobody asked me to.