Why no pictures?

Brandon1I usually try to add a picture every few posts.  Sometimes I don’t.  I get lazy, or forgetful, or just don’t have a picture that adds value.

So in this case, the picture is the added value.  This is from about 8 years ago – I took my kids to my Dads ranch (he has since sold it).  I also took a neighbor kid that was a friend of the family.  He had never seen a rattlesnake.  I think he was about ten in this picture – maybe a bit younger.

The kids were playing tag or something and he ran under my fathers deck – and right into this snake.  Luckily he ran back out before he was struck – but I crawled under with a BB-Gun to take care of the snake (no, we don’t kill snakes for fun, but a rattlesnake under the porch with a bunch of kids around needs to die).

After it was dead (and we made sure it stayed dead!) we let Brandon “hold it” – with my brother Rick assisting.  Brandon got the rattles and I saw his dad in an airport three years later – long after we had moved away and lost touch.  His dad said Brandon still has the rattle, still tells the story, and that the snake has grown with each telling.

Actually, it was NOT a huge rattlesnake – 3-31/2 feet.  I’ve seen MUCH larger.


  1. πŸ˜† Yeah I know, back when I was adorable. What happened? ❓

  2. @John – you were there. You were young back then πŸ˜‰

  3. I think I was there. As far as I know I was.