Why we have checks and balances – and why we demand the right to bear arms

Can you imagine if the US Government tried to silence NBC, CNN, ABC or even the Government funded PBS?

Chavez scares me – he is exerting complete control over a populace that is used to living in a free and open society.  This will get bloody, I think.  Not all the powder-kegs are in the Middle East.

Some of them are much, much closer to home.

I don’t buy anything from a Citgo station because they are owned by Venezuela  (by Chavez) – and every dollar we spend at a Citgo makes Chavez stronger.

The sign of a true dictatorship is a government that silences the voice of criticism.


Chavez says he is democratizing the airwaves by turning a coup-plotting network’s signal over for public use. His opponents condemned the shutdown of RCTV as an assault on free speech and a grave blow to democracy. Founded in 1953, RCTV had broadcast a mix of talk shows, sports, soap operas and the popular comedy program Radio Rochela, which poked fun at presidents including Chavez for decades. RCTV was regularly the top channel in viewer ratings, but Chavez accused the channel of poisoning Venezuelans with programming that promotes capitalism.

Source: Venezuelan TV station goes off air – Focus on Venezuela – MSNBC.com