Why? Well, why the hell not? #custserv

Most Tuesday evenings, at 8PM Central, I am tied to Twitter, engulfed in a chat that most would really not want to join.  Nobody sane, anyway!  Why?  It is a Customer Service chat – you can find it on the hash tag #custserv.

Every week there is a new “topic” – put in quotes because the topic is always the same – “How do those of us that love customers get the voice to speak for them, the credibility to do what is right for them, and the respect to represent them to our respective companies?”

In other words, we often bitch when we don’t feel the love and respect we think our customers deserve from our employers. Note – I did NOT say the love and respect WE expect we deserve.  Completely different things.  Which is what makes us people who truly love customers – we put them before us. We actually can’t help it.  It is just who we are.

And we are a widely disperse group – some of us (me, luckily) have a great deal of voice and leverage for my customers.  Others feel very little empowerment.  We come together to try to change it for everyone.  To try to learn enough, and teach enough – to try to just move the bar a little bit.  Every week.  Move the bar.  Just a little.

Over time, I hope the bar moves a lot.

But I don’t expect a lot today.  I do enjoy the company of like-minded people who care about more than a paycheck and to whom a customer is not a 16 digit number.

I love the fucking humanity of it.





  1. Great post, Rob. I believe in what you’re saying. It really reflects in the company when they nail doing what’s right for the customer. Always the first thing I look…