Windows Live Photo Gallery

Just a quick note on the Photo-stitching that is included in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

It is drop-dead-easy to use.  And it can produce some pretty interesting results.  Like these pictures combined from the photos I took when FastComapny.TV was filming at Sea World, San Antonio.

Click to enlarge.


Here Shel is talking to Scoble, talking to himself, AND merged in with Fran from Sea World.  This merged five photos. I know it looks like four – trust me, it was five πŸ™‚

Seaworld - Shel and Scoble 007 Stitch







This is a stitch up of a couple photos showing the lake at Sea World (and another coaster in the background)

Seaworld - Shel and Scoble 029 Stitch






You can get Windows Live Photo Gallery here.  It is free.


  1. Picasa failed miserably. Lightroom doesn’t even come near. Bridge doesn’t cut it. Live Gallery is the only one that works:)

  2. @Yuvi – cool! I’m sure the Live Gallery team will be glad to know that!

  3. Live Gallery: Only thing that could open my 60 gig Image gallery without crashing πŸ™‚

  4. Rob,

    Cheers. Installing now .. I was a little confused when the Installer was named the same as the other live installers, and it didn’t say “Gallery” anywhere on the initial wizard window.

    Anyway, installing :).

  5. @Stu – No, not completely web based. It’s a Windows Application (which is fine with me – I would hate to have to upload these images then wait in a queue for them to be processed when I have a very fast multi-proc machine here!)

  6. Rob,

    Thanks for the post, sounds like Gallery could be good.

    Got a question (the firewall at work is blocking access to the Gallery website):

    – Is Gallery completely web-based?