Windows Live Writer

I love WLW.  But it is misnamed.  It’s NOT live.  In fact, I wonder why Microsoft included it in the “Live” family.  Most of the products in “Live”, if not all, are Internet based, in some significant fashion or other.  Live writer isn’t.  It publishes to the Web, much like FrontPage did.  But it certainly isn’t “live”.

The reason I make this distinction is that I have four computers I use for blogging, depending on where I am at the time.  WLW let’s me save “drafts” of posts (and I actually have more drafts of posts than I have published posts).  But there is no consolidation of my drafts between machines.  My drafts are local to the machine they were written on, and this seems like anything but “live” to me.

Microsoft should use my online account somewhere (my Passport or Live Account) to reconcile these drafts.  The information should be available to each local copy of WLW, no matter what physical hardware I am using.  Assuming of course that I agree to this.

But Microsoft should immediately discontinue the use of “Live” for any services that aren’t truly web-connected, even if the applications are not true web apps.  If the data the applications create (with my help) is not stored on the web, and the applications themselves are not served from the web AND if the interim data is not available via the Web, then Microsoft shouldn’t use “Live”.  To do otherwise dilutes the “Live” brand.