Windows Live Writer Online Edition

No, Windows Live Writer doesn’t have an online version.  I think they could though – and I think it would be VERY well received.

I would love to launch any browser, authenticate, and be able to manage posts.  That means I could post in a familiar environment from any browser-enabled device.  That would be pretty cool.

I might even pay for that.


  1. deleted the account associated with this graphic – now what shows? Same thing? Prolly.

  2. *sigh* NOT the avatar associated with my account. As I feared.

  3. Testing which picture shows up for me in this comment. Everyone please ignore.

  4. This is getting to be fairly complex – apologies to those of you who don’t know what is happening in this thread – hopefully I can clear it up in a couple days.

    Suffice it to say that right now we are debugging something.


  5. blah blah blah

  6. How is this comment?

  7. Ah. MyBlogLog, what are you doing? Deannie, please keep me updated – this will make for an interesting post!


  8. Message to Rob: BAH! 😡

  9. The installation was indeed much better! I am excited to see how the performance works out next.