Windows Vista build 5552

Miscrosoft gave me a link to download the latest (whatever that means) build today.  And I downloaded it and installed it.

First, when I installed the last build I did it by burning a DVD and installing off a boot from the DVD.  This time I burned the DVD and installed it from within Vista – it allowed me to upgrade my previous install, but not without annoying me first.

When I started the upgrade I had to enter my product key, answer all of the questions, etc… but when I got to actually installing I was told I couldn’t upgrade becasue there were “other users logged on”.

My inital blog post on on installing Windows Vista 5526 is here.  This post builds off that one.

Turns out my XBOX 360 was connected to my Vista machine.  Fine, I thought – I will use task manager and “kill the XBOX session”, and I did that.  But the installer wasn’t going to let me off that easy – there was no “re-check” or “refresh” button.  There was no “back” button.  So I had to cancel the install and start over – re-entering my product key, etc.  Fix this – it’s a stupid bug, and it cost me 15 minutes to get it “right”.

So I restarted the installer, and it installed fine – but with two more reboots than 5536 had.  Seems upgrading needs some optimization since it also took about 80 minutes.

Honestly I don’t see a lot of diffrence between the two builds – but I only have about 20 minutes of experience with this build.

I have some other stuff to do tonight, so I won’t get much time to play until tomorrow – but so far the upgrading needs work (not surprising they haven’t spent much time yet optimizing upgrading from one beta to another) – but fix the issue with “multiple users logged on”


More later,