Windows Vista Drivers for Toshiba Satellite P25-S607


There aren’t any drivers released for Vista and laptops with the NVidia GeoForce FX Go5200 display adapter – at least not that I can find.  So I rolled my own – increasing the Vista “Experience Index” from a 1 to a 2 on the Graphics and from a 1 to a 2.5 on Gaming Graphics.  That’s enough of an improvement to let me run the Aero interface.  Cool.


Here’s how to do it – it’s pretty simple:

  1. Download the NVIDIA Vista driver here.
  2. Run the driver installer.  In the end it will fail, telling you no compatible hardware was found – that’s ok.
  3. Browse your disk drive and find where the NVIDIA driver package was extracted (usually “C:\NVIDIA\WinVista\97.46“)
  4. Download this file: nv_disp.inf
  5. Copy the nv_disp.inf file into the “\NVIDIA\WinVista\97.46” folder.  Replace the existing file when prompted.
  6. Press your Windows Key and the “R” key at the same time – a “Run” window will open.  Type “devmgmt.msc” in the box and click “OK”.
  7. The Device Manager will open – click the plus sign next to “Display adapters”
  8. Right-click on the Display Adapter listed (it should be either “Standard VGA” or “NVIDIA GeoForce FX Go5200“).  A menu pops up – select “Update Driver Software…
  9. In the next dialogue that opens select “Browse my computer for driver software
  10. The next window has a button labeled “Browse“.  Click it and point it to the folder you copy the file into in step #5.
  11. Click “OK” and let the driver install.  When complete, reboot your system.
  12. Re-Run the Windows Experience Index to get your new score (details here).

It’s that easy, but of course the standard disclamer applies – if you “let smoke out of you computer” by using this tip, I am in no way to blame, you’re doing this at your own risk, there may be monsters under the bed, etc.


  1. @Vickie Mercer – This is what I love about the web – something I learned over a year ago is still helping people. Internet Rocks!

  2. Thank you Rob for helping me solve a 2 month long aggrevating problem. Three professional technicians and Microsoft technical service could not figure out what was wrong.

    My P25-S609 lost the NVIDIA GeoForce FX Go5200 video drivers when the search indexer feature in Vista Home failed on May 8th. I had to do a complete reinstall but was able to retrieve all of my data on the harddrive prior. My email and the internet connections worked but with limitations – no Windows Media Player or Picture Manager but basic programs worked fine.

    One technician told me I had to get a new laptop when he analyzed the control panel remotely and the screen started pin balling uncontrollably. I had not found any other description similar on the web so it was hard to find a solution.

    Your instructions on how to reinstall the video drivers were simple to follow. I was then able downtown and install Flash Reader and upgrade Java which I also was unable to do without the right drivers.

    Again, thanks to being here.

  3. @Jimmy – “IIABDFI” – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. While I have Vista on my Toshiba, and it does run well, it is slower than XP was. Vista was written for more powerful machines that had more memory.

    Personally, I love Vista and have it running on a half dozen machines not. But it performs best on the newest hardware – a machine I build well after Vista was released.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Hey Rob, I saw your post and found it very useful but I have yet to actually upgrade my toshiba p25-s526. Its almost 4 years old but it is very good running XP. I was just wondering how has Vista been performing after the upgrade and the video driver install? Is it worth it for me?

  5. 😈 Stuffleufagus! I agree, the guy is a wanker. What sort of a selfish dickhead demands help (which you are willing to give in your own time) immediately, giving no consideration to your personal agenda. Don’t appologise! The guy is an idiot. If he needs immediate advice then he should go elsewhere or PAY FOR IT!

  6. @supahalcyon – Cool – glad you got it fixed – and thanks for sharing the solution with us.


  7. supahalcyon says:

    Thanks rob! I happened to stumble upon a solution of my own that worked, for anyone with the same problem here’s the link:

  8. @Supahalcyon: Is it just a certain type of file that is not playing correctly? Like AVI files, or MP4’s? Do the files play ok on other machines? It’s hard to guess what could be causing it, unless you are missing a sound codec. What media player are you using? Have you tried another player? If not try the GOM player and see if it works:

    I’m glad the video driver worked for you though!


  9. Supahalcyon says:

    This worked out great for me! However right now I’m having problem playing some movie files with sound. Although I can play music fine, and other movie files play normally with sound. For some reason the sound doesn’t work correctly on all of them. Any suggestions?

  10. @yep – I see you are in the US. If you want, feel free to call me (I am in San Antonio) 210-370-3861.

    Hard to do this via comment thread.


  11. hey, appreciate the reply but the problem is that when i do that it comes up with a dialogue box that says “the best driver software for your device is already installed” “windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date” (which it is not) “standard VGA Graphics Adapter”

    So basically, it never allows me to even attempt to install your modification, i can’t seem to force it to do so.

  12. @yep – you need to delete the current driver for the device.

    1) Right click on the My Computer icon. Select “Manage”.

    2) Select “Device Manager”

    3) Click the plus sign next to “Display Adapters”

    4) Right click on your video adapter and select “Uninstall”

    5) In the dialog that comes up click the check mark for “Delete the driver” then click ok.

    6) Now right click your adapter again and choose “Update Driver Software”

    7) In the dialog box that opens click “Browse my computer for driver software”

    8) Point it at the folder that you created using my post above.

    Reboot. That should do it.

  13. vista will not allow me to overwrite the old driver when i chose to browse and install the new one. It seems to believe that the standard VGA device is the most up to date. WTF!!!

  14. Here’s one person who found the monsters under the bed:


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