Windows Vista RC1 Bug

There appears to be a bug in the way Windows Explorer handles some of the meta-data associated with (at least) some AVI files.  If I attempt to browse certain folders with one of these AVI files, explorer crashes.   There could be other types of files that cause a similar crash, but I’m only seeing it on SOME AVI files.

This is the issue that I referred to in an earlier post that MS says is fixed in the RTM release.

These same files will also crash Windows Media Center, the Media Player, and even my XBOX360 if I have it set to include the affected videos in the Media Extender shares.

I don’t have any work around for the Media Center, or Media player, but at least I have found an easy way to move the affected files to DVD – simply open a Windows Explorer box, select the Tools menu, then Folder Options. Click “Use windows classic folders” – these prevents Explorer from reading the meta-data on the AVIs and thus crashing Explorer.

After I get all the affected AVIs off my system, I’ll turn “Show preview and filters” back on.

(I’ve also created a sub-category of Reviews called Microsoft Vista – to make it easier to find Vista related posts)



  1. Chris – there isn’t an update until Vista ships in January. It is fixed in the final release build.


  2. nice help with this,i googled it up because my windows explorer is always crashing when i try or get near a .avi file,i dont use windows media player at all i use vlc media player,is there any update that fixes this bug at the time?