Windows Vista RC1 – build 5600


I hate jumping right back on the Microsoft bandwagon but I installed the Release Candidate 1 build this Labor Day weekend.  I didn’t get it from MS, and I am not in their select group of people who get to look at it early.  But I have a valid product ID, and I found it on BitTorrent.  I didn’t really think they would mind – else they would have invalidated my product ID!

Anyway, here’s the high points – the upgrade process went very well – my only complaint this time is that each upgrade requires me to reconfigure Media Center – but that’s easy enough.

I also installed Vista RC1 on two laptops this time – not just my “everything in it was built to outperform Vista’s requirements” desktop… and the experience on the laptops is still great!  My two year old laptops still show the Aero interface, and the OS is snappy – response time is very nice!

I admit, I did shut off the protected user mode on my desktop – because I had a ton of files to move around, and the dialog boxes just got to be overwhelming!

Setting up my “guest PC” was great though – now I have a machine I feel completely comfortable letting any visitor use – I feel confident that they can’t hurt the OS.  MS has made HUGE strides here with the protected mode and parental supervision stuff.

None of my machines recognize my T-Mobile MDA as a cell phone though (or a PDA for that matter).  They see it as a removable drive and a media player – so I can’t sync contacts, email, etc.  Not sure why that is.  I imagine they will fix it soon.

I installed Office 2007 beta (latest) and love the way it works in Vista – I imported over 7,000 Outlook emails and can search them in a matter of minutes on Vista.  Anyone who ever did a search on Outlook on XP knows how freaking painful it is/was (was for me!).

And I see today that MS is going to want about $250 from me if I want the ultimate version of Vista (upgrade).  Sold – but please, don’t make me spend that much for EACH of my PC’s!  I usually just Remote Desktop into my main desktop machine from the laptops anyway, so I won’t need “Vista Ultimate” on all of my machines, but I will need Vista.  I can’t imagine that I would ever move back to running an XP machine after I really get used to Vista (just like I won’t even work on a Windows 98SE machine now!).

I’m not completely pleased with the File Manager (or Explorer – old habits die hard!) in Vista — too many restriction for my taste – especially when I am running as the administrator.  As the Admin, I should be able to delete whatever the heck I choose to delete – sure warn me once, or twice, or even three times – but if I am determined then let me have my way.  It’s my data, damn it!

Networking between XP and Vista machines isn’t as easy as I would like it to be, but I got it to work.  Same with Printer Sharing.  But Vista to Vista works a lot better than XP to XP did.  This is a direction I would really like to see MS explore more – screw backward compatibility with 1990’s hardware and software – in your next major OS release DEMAND the latest HW – emulate the SW – but don’t skimp ANY on what you could do with the OS because you want backward compatibility.  SCREW BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY!  Build the world’s best OS instead – and force the HW manufacturers to follow you (or build the hardware yourself – you make good hardware!).

That’s it for now… more later, after I install Vista on my 3+ year old Tablet PC! 



  1. James – and make sure it’s turned on on all of your Vista machines.

  2. James, in the Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center – do you have Network Discovery turned on?


  3. I too have the vista intalled on my desktop and on my notebook through the network I cannot see the Vista machine nor the notebook from the vista machine. Did you resolve this and how please.Thanks

  4. Mike Byrns says:

    You’re welcome!

  5. Mike – BlueTooth Sync even works now!  Very cool 🙂


  6. Worked perfectly!  Didn’t even have to restart the PC.

    I like the new Mobile Device Center – it’s pretty slick.  Anyway, I now have email sync back on my phone (for better or worse!)

    Thanks again Mike,


  7. Very cool – installing the update now – will let you know how it goes. 

    Thanks Mike!

  8. Mike Byrns says:

    Use RegEdit to add a key called "WHOS" to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft, connect your device and go to Windows Update.  A new 7.0MB update will be available that will allow you to sync!