Windows Vista RC2 Debuts

 No Way!  I really like Vista, but there is no way they go to RC2 now.  Really.  It is a VERY useable operating system, but it isn’t ready.

Not unless they have fixed a lot of bugs in new releases that they haven’t shared:

    • Swap blank/full CD’s and DVD’s for a few minutes.  Vista will get VERY confused about what (or if any) media is inserted.  Not a big deal unless you RELY on information like, “What DVD is in the drive?”.  I reported this to Microsoft directly.
    • I get consistent popup’s when uninstalling or deleting downloaded files (or temporary files dragged to a “gonna burn this onto a CD/DVD temp directory”) warning me that this folder is shared.  For a “temp folder” of a DVD you will ave to click “OK” for every folder.  And that can be a LOT of clicks.  I have seen numerous similar reports in Vista forums, and haven’t seen a resolution.
    • Bluetooth just does not work on my IBM ThinkPad t42p.  Just doesn’t.  This was/is a popular laptop line.  Since it isn’t my main machine anymore, I haven’t pushed the issue, or investigated too much.  But it’s broke.
    • Windows Media Center crashes often, and sometimes crashed the XBO360 Media Center as well.
    • Opening some video files in third party viewers (BS, QuickTime) often causes the second monitor to “freak out” and become a group of horizontal lines that have no rhythm, and cannot dance together.
    • Video is often (but not always) reverted to “Vista Basic” when something like the above happens (or often even when just running an Installer.
    • Dialogs are often “popped-up” under existing windows.  So you don’t see them immediately.
    • File moves or copies to a Windows XP machine take an unreal amount of time (10-15x what XP-XP took).  Often the dialog box caption changes to “moving […] (not responding)”.  I take this to mean that the move/copy is taking so damn long that even Windows thinks it has flown the coop.
    • My experience with the built-in help is that it is at best 75% complete.  Many pages come up blank.  MANY built in links lead to sites that don’t exist or are not populated.
    • None of the other issues I have identified previously have been fixed in a release that’s widely available.

So as eager as I am to get a “final” Vista I would be shocked if RC2 fixed everything I have seen issues with, much less stuff I haven’t seen.  Microsoft, I praised you for how much better 5600 was than any other build.  But now I think you are stretching yourselves too thin.  This just isn’t ready.


Link to Windows Vista RC2 Debuts; Office 2007 Set to RTM