Windows Vista RTM

I installed the RTM version of Vista today, and I am pleased to report it is *much* better even than the previous two builds I tested. Explorer works much better (faster) when copying files from local disks, or network disks.

My Bluetooth adapter still wasn’t detected, but besides it all of the hardware on my IBM ThinkPad T42p is functioning fine.

My Desktop still says “Evaluation Copy Build 6000” so I know my key isn’t a final key – and that’s fine. I already have the money set aside to upgrade to Vista Ultimate on all of my PCs. I’m hoping I can get some kind of discount, since I have about 14 functioning PCs right now. We’ll see when the time comes. Until then, I am very happy with the RTM version so far. As I dig deeper and find new things (good or bad) I’ll report more (for instance – the Snipping Tool is extremely cool, and I haven’t seen much written about it.