Windows Vista Startup sound

Microsoft is considering hard-coding the startup sound for it’s next OS Platform, Microsoft Vista.  Robert Scoble blogs about this here.

Robert relates a conversation he had with Steve Ball, group program manager for the Windows Audio Video Excellence team. Steve explains to Robert some of the reasons they are considering doing this.

I don’t have a really strong opinion either way – with one exception.  I use Windows Media Center.  It’s a PC connected to my plasma TV, and my surround sound system.  I would HATE to listen to the Vista startup sound over my surround sound every time I reboot that PC.  Unexpected noises can be pretty startling – especially coming from 8 speakers.

I would like to suggest that the MCE (Media Center Edition) of Vista be exempt from this, even if it ends up being part of the baseline product.

Don’t share your thoughts with me – go comment on Robert’s post – MS reads that.



  1. William Brown says:

    I hate that The vista can not be customized like Xp or even older 98 they are easy to customize the gui skin the boot screen the logon screen and do tweaks to easly and also the Explorer can be skinned to what ever I like.This Vista also uses to much resources.In all i think it needs to be revamped.There are alot of People who customize their PCs and would like more control over the OS then is given in Vista.Please Please change it som how Microsoft for Us customizers.