WIRED Blogs: Monkey Bites

And this is good news?  More TwitterSpam.  Hooray 🙁

Thanks Dave. 

Last week, I posted a short note about what I see as one of Twitter’s shortcomings: there’s no easy way to syndicate your existing RSS feeds on the service. I also pointed to the NYT Twitter that Dave Winer cooked up and publicly begged for somebody to create one for Wired News.

None other than Dave Winer stepped up to the plate and took a swing. Follow the Wired News Twitter.

Each top story goes out as a Twitter. Something about the publishing frequency for our wire stories is acting a little wonky — I’m still comparing the Twitter to our Feedburner feed, so I’ll get that figured out.

Anyway, per Dave’s suggestion, I’m prepping an OPML file containing all of our feeds that we can maintain and host on our servers.

Everyone: Let’s send a big Thank You and collective group hug in Dave’s direction!

Source: WIRED Blogs: Monkey Bites