Wired News: Space Banana to Soar Over Texas


Look there, in the Texas sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … a banana? In an art installation sure to launch a thousand UFO conspiracies, Montreal artist César Saez plans to send a 1,000-foot helium blimp in the shape of a banana into low Earth orbit over the Lone Star State.


From the site:

This is a daring action, defiant like a cowboy act.
And the banana is macho and phallic, they say.

It is in Texas because it has oil,
and a lot of Walmarts, Exxons and Halliburtons. (and The Ranch)

It is a buffoon act, trying to impress…
Texan dominant Aerospace, and all the Gun Clubs.

At the end it as a Show, a banana in the sky is an odd celebration to spectacle,
to the advertisement industries; and to the Warhol Art.

It is also stupid.  They are going to spend one million dollars on this?  I wonder what it would cost to build a small rocket that could reach that altitude (100,000-160,000 feet) that would blow the thing out of the sky? Hmm…


Source: Wired News: Space Banana to Soar Over Texas