WLAN Consulting

I did some consulting on Wireless LAN (WiFi) today.  I haven’t really talked too much about WiFi, but I’ve been involved in it for over a decade (literally since before WiFi existed).  It’s something I helped build that people just don’t think of any more.  They expect it.

I was in a bar last week and a guy at the table next to me opened his laptop and a few minutes later asked the waiter, “What, you don’t have WiFi here?”. The waiter had no clue what he was talking about, but the customer expected WiFi.

In more and more places we just expect to be able to get online.  And if we are in a bar that doesn’t let us, we remember that.  The bar becomes, “That place without WiFi” instead of “that place with really cold Negra Modello (one of the best beers brewed anywhere)”.

WiFi is almost free now (the hardware I mean). If a business already had Internet it costs almost nothing to extend that connectivity to their customers.

And more and more, their customers are demanding access to it.  Not just wanting it but expecting it.


  1. Well, ya know, I sometimes wonder wether we live in the same planet…

    The beauty of the internet…