WordPress 2.5 issues

Besides my earlier post where I complained about the Widget/Sidebar interface, I have also found three people now who did not have their upgrades complete for some reason. It appears some files, specifically in the wp-admin folder, are NOT getting copied over on the first attempt.

If you see something flaky in the Admin Section (missing buttons, garbled screens, etc) then download WP 2.5 again (to make sure you had a “good” copy of the files) and then re-copy the files to your blog.

Also, Windows Live Writer, which was working fine before the upgrade, now gives me an error when I post. My post IS published to my blog, but WLW makes it appear as if it hasn’t been. I’ll look into this more later.


  1. While I waited for development to fix the bug, I was forced to develop work-arounds 🙂

  2. Just caught this: ” I am an old Quality Assurance guy though – so finding work-arounds to bugs is something I am trained to do”

    As a QA guy, whether old or not, working around bugs is the very last thing to do!
    Your job is to make sure there are no bugs.
    If you find one, you kick the whole thing back to a developer.
    (Which you did)

  3. @kgranson-It’s never too late. Thank you for the tip! I’ve actually been using Word 2007 lately to post blog entries and it’s been working really well for me. I’m going to give your suggestion a try next time though.

    Wish I could help with the .gif/.jpg issue…It seems WP has a mind of it’s own sometimes, that’s for sure!

    Thanks again!

  4. @kaylyn
    There is a work around for this if you have FTP access to your blog, you can specify to upload the images via FTP to a location and then when you go to post you don’t get these errors and you aren’t limited by the size of the image.

    in livewriter this setting can be found under:

    weblog/ Weblog Settings
    on the sidebar, click on images and then click the “upload images to an FTP server” and click on the Configure FTP button.

    your ftp settings should be fairly straightforward. That’s how I fixed my problem. It seems in the latest version of WP they sure lowered the threshold for image size.

    Anyway, I don’t know if this response is too late for you, but this is what i did to fix it.

    Now if i coudl figure out how to keep it from converting my .gif to a .jpg i’ll be in business.

  5. @Kaylyn – I just get lucky now and then 🙂 I am an old Quality Assurance guy though – so finding work-arounds to bugs is something I am trained to do.

  6. It worked, of COURSE it worked. 😀
    One day, I’ll be able to figure these things out for myself. Until then, sure glad you’re around!

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  7. Thanks, Rob. I bet anything that’s exactly what the problem is. I’m used to being able to upload much larger images as well. As uaual, a BIG thank you!!


    kaylyn’s last blog post..The Power of One

  8. @Kaylyn – I can’t upload images larger than 640×480 now. I used to be able to upload MUCH larger images. Not sure what is going on.

  9. I hate to bring this issue up yet again…(problems that is)
    I’m getting a 500 internal server error when trying to post an entry from WLW. This seems to be all of a sudden. The specific error message is:

    The server reported an error with the following error

    Does this mean anything to anyone? Last time I had a problem posting it was a problem with my plugins. I tried deactivating all my plugins and uploading again…still nothing. My post has photos in it if that matters.

    This is driving me crazy! Ugh!!! Nothing on this dumb 2.5 is working. I want to go back to the way it was. lol Thank you!

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  10. I also get the error when publishing with Live Writer using WP 2.5. The error is:

    Error attempting to connect to weblog at:


    The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly.

    It doesn’t matter if there is an image or not. Strange.

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  11. It’s good to know my issue wasn’t user error for a change! 🙂

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  12. FYI – the Windows Live Writer error only shows if there is an image in my post. Still looking into this one.