WordPress Hosting

I host 16 WordPress blogs. 11 of them I manage. It’s not easy – they all need updating, themes need to change now and then, they each need plug-ins monitored and upgraded.

They each need backed up. They each need upgraded.

And it should just be easier.

Could it be?


  1. Rob,

    Heh heh, the best way would be to say “No More” a few times πŸ™‚ .. but I suspect that isn’t an option for you.

    Otherwise, being really retentive about your time helps. Limit the amount of time you think about each blog. Calendarise the time you plan to spend on each blog.

    But seriously, I shudder to think of the time you must put aside for that many blogs.

  2. @Rob – hmmm, I am kinda in the same boat and was thinking of either migrating to WordPress MU or writing a script to run the updates on each install for me, but usually each is a little different so it makes the script harder to create…

    I have heard rumors though that the WordPress team is working on an update method/process so that updates can be performed through the GUI…

  3. @jon – I have used WordPress MU. But it can’t solve my problem since I manage multiple customer blogs that are all installed on different corporate servers.

    But I could use WordPress MU and reduce the blog count by 3.

    I’m just thinking there has to be a better way πŸ™‚

  4. Rob, look into WordPress MU. One install – multiple blogs/sites/URLs

  5. @Kaylyn – Good idea. I’ll try to start something in the next couple of weeks. No promises – I do have a bit of other stuff going on πŸ™‚


  6. Speaking of WordPress… πŸ˜€

    Have you ever done a tutorial on how to set up a WordPress blog from start to finish, so that those less tech savy don’t have to keep bugging those who are? Just curious. If not, maybe an idea for a rainy day (because I know how much down time you have! ha!).