Work space vs. think space

I work out of my home, and I have a pretty well stocked home office.  In fact, it is over-stocked.  There are far too many distractions with multiple computers, TVs, SlingBox, video feeds from home security cameras, IMs, emails, etc.  I work in my home office, and I do pretty good despite the distractions.  I can work with distractions.

But In my bedroom I have another mini-office.  Basically an empty desk.  I never have bills stacked there, or any other paper that is printed or written on.  I have instead a clean desk, and a blank tablet.  I don’t work in this office – this is where I think.  It’s where I can get away from all of the distractions and just think – and write down notes, draw pictures, whatever it takes.  Each day I take my notes out of my bedroom, and back into my real office.  Each day I walk into my “thinking office” with a clean slate.  Almost literally.

It’s amazing how often an hour or so in my “thinking office” saves me three or four hours in my “working office”. 

This method works for me.  It probably won’t work for you, but feel free to try it.  I haven’t copyrighted it or anything, and I doubt I’ll ever write a book about it!



  1. I am a huge believer that the bedroom needs to be a cave of darkness, a place where we can escape and recharge.

  2. I have something similar. But instead of an empty desk in my bedroom, I use my bed. That’s where I do my best thinking. People at work are accustomed that I never get in before 10am. But they probably don’t realize I already ‘worked’ for a few hours before arriving at the office, despite my not getting up before 9:30am!