Working with Decent People

I’ve been pretty lucky in my life – I’ve generally found myself working with Decent People.  Not always – but often.

I’ve been working closely with someone over the last several months that I have never met in person.  We’ve gotten along from the first time we talked – we became partners shortly after.  We’ve been working together day and night to build a company – yet it was only this evening that he sent me an idea for a charitable project he was considering that I just loved.  I quickly sent him back a somewhat similar idea for a different charitable project I have been thinking about.

Neither one of us realized that the other had ambitions beyond building a business and making money.  It is very cool that we’ve found another common bond.  It’s especially cool that we agree we have responsibilities to those less fortunate than us – and it didn’t take a meeting of the board of directors or anything.  We just realized we both think helping people is important – and we have some pretty cool ideas how to do it in a way that gets the best bang for our buck (or for your buck).  But we’ll have to delay on sharing that – until we get our product launched we have little time energy or money for anything else – but the time will come, and I can’t wait.

And we are getting very close to announcing something – we’ve been in contact with some media, and at least one influential tech blogger.  We’re not quite there yet, but soon – very soon.

Shortly after we announce our product I want to start moving some time and energy (and resources) to implementing these two charitable ideas.  They are both quite different in the implementation – but very similar in intent and scope.

It’s going to be a very interesting few months, I am sure!  I can’t wait until I can share more details with you!



  1. 🙂 Yes – stay tuned. Hopefully later this week I’ll be able to share a bit more about who I am working with and what we are doing – that depends on the outcome of a phone call early this week.

  2. So stay tuned here to the same bat channel, same bat time for NEXT week’s adventure