Working with Yuvi

I’ve had a lot of fun lately working with Yuvi.  We are thirteen hours apart time-zone wise.  Were are thousands of miles apart, geographically.  We are culturally eons apart.  We are separated by thirty years of age difference.

 Yuvi’s every day worries are different than mine.  His schooling is vastly different from my own, or my children’s.

 But we are very much friends, and colleagues, when it comes to things that engage us – things that we both wonder about.  Our love of tech, and the web, and the way all of that fiber, and those ones and zero’s allow us to become friends – even if we are so separated by age, and geography, time, and background.

 So every morning (for me), when Yuvi is winding his day down, and every evening (for me), when he is getting ready for school, we chat via Live Messenger. 

 Yuvi is writing some code with high bandwidth and processor requirements.  I happen to have excess bandwidth and processor cycles.  So Yuvi sends me code, and I run it on my server.  We debug errors via IM and screen shots.  Yuvi changes code, and we try again.  I send him results as they are obtained.

Yuvi writes some pretty cool code (especially for a 16 year old!).  I enjoy helping him out – but he annoys me by constantly thanking me, or apologizing because an application crashes two hours into a five hours data extraction.

Even when it’s not his fault.  Take today, for instance.  The code kept crashing at a particular point – it took a while to figure it out.  It was crashing when it hit a blog post from 31SEP06.

You might think the code shouldn’t die over this – but there is no such date as 31SEP06.  There is no 31SEP in ANY year.

Yuvi quickly coded a work around, and we re-ran the data set.  I also informed the blog owner (Engadget) and they evidently found and fixed a bug on their site (thanks, Ryan!)

So everyone is winning with this little relationship I have with Yuvi.  If only he would filter out the “Sorry’s” and “thank you’s”.

Yuvi – I am enjoying it as much as you are!



  1. Thanks for changing that Rob 😀

  2. 🙂 I’ve changed the link. And you said THANKS again!!!


  3. Yeah, I have found a friend in Yuvi as well. 🙂

  4. And, don’t link to the landing page: It sucks! Afterall, it was done by a 15 year old who’s just discovered Photoshop….. 😀

  5. Uhm, well, Thanks Rob! 😉


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