World’s Greatest Dad – a Self-Nomination

OK, the title is BS 🙂


I pre-ordered Halo 3 (the “Special Edition” or whatever) a LONG time ago.  From Amazon.

It won’t be delivered for another 3-4 days though.

I was a member of the Halo 3 beta, so my kids (and a few of their friends) we hooked on Halo 3 months ago.  Waiting another 3-4 days just wasn’t acceptable to my kids – so I braved rush hour traffic and took the kids out for another copy of Halo 3. This time they would be using their own money though.

Circuit City had zero copies.  The Best Buy in the same shopping center had hundreds of copies – and they were selling VERY well.  I waited outside as the kids went in to get their copy and I saw probably 25 people walk out with Halo 3.  How do I know what they had?  Because their kids were opening the boxes as they walked out of the store!

So we’ll have two copies of Halo 3.  And that’s ok – we have two XBOX 360’s.  This way the kids can invite friends over and have a Halo 3 party and their friends don’t need to lug over their XBOX 360.  They may have to bring along their controller (we only have six of them) – but the kids will have a blast with their friends, and I’ll know where they are, who they are with, and what they are doing.

It was worth the trip in the traffic.

Oh – and I’ll probably play a bit myself 🙂


  1. Man, two XBoxes? I haven’t seen one my life! The world’s a funny, diverse place… 🙂

    Nobody here knows anything about Console gaming. If it’s games, it’s on a PC. Quake’s hot, and so is NFS and GTA 🙂

  2. @MissM – Yes – even though he is now 19 (how the hell did that happen!?) he was carded. He said, “It made me feel young again” – Hah!

  3. I was curious if they carded your son since its an M game. I ordered it for my 13 and 15 yo, so I don’t have an issue with kids playing it, but since you have to show id to buy a pocket knife these days, I was curious, if they carded him at best buy. Enjoy Halo!