Would a candidate’s atheism be a deal-breaker at the polls for you?

Julie Haas, of San Francisco wins the “Fruit of the Loom” award this month (a new award I just made up).  Has to do with uncomfortable under garments or something.

She gets it for this completely irrational and idiotic remark in SFGATE.

Yes, because if you don’t believe in anything, you will believe anything, and that’s a scary way to govern.

I know a few atheists, some very well.  Guess what, Julie?  They believe in A LOT OF THINGS!  Wow!  Revelation!  Hot damn.

Oh – “and if you don’t believe in anything” doesn’t that prohibit you from “believing anything”?

“And that’s a scary way to govern”.  Yeah.  Much more frightening than being governed by people that think you should die if you kiss a man before you are married or if you should somehow get pregnant out of wedlock (but didn’t Mary get pregnant out of wedlock?  Where’s the shock and horror about that?).  I would rather be governed by people that made decisions based on what is best for the people – ALL of the people, and not what is best for them, or best for the people that share the same ideology,

Julie, there is absolutely NOTHING logical about your statement. 

So Julie you are the “Fruit of the Loom” winner. I hope the uncomfortable binding, and the tag scratching the crack of your ass keep reminding you that you are an idiot.


  1. There it is again!
    That combination of mind-boggling irrationalily and fear.

    Last time I was at a dentist I had to fill out a questionaire, and one of the questions was (something like):

    – ..blah blah.. If more than x years, why did you wait so long to see a dentist?
    My answer was: Irrational Fear.

    He laughed when he read that and explained to me that FEAR is an acronym.
    It stands for “Fear Ends All Reason”.

    (in this particular case it sure did. He sure ‘ended’ something, by rendering me edentulous, but that too was the result of my FEAR, but I digress).