Wouldn’t you love to work at a place like this…

Christian Long has an interesting post about a “small” e-printing company in Livingston, Montana that he met while at Scoble’s “Off the Grid”.  I’m jealous – I was supposed to be at that geek-fest, but a painting injury kept me from making the trip.

On site day care.  A “learning” environment.  One rule regarding dogs in the workplace – “No cats allowed”.  Yeah, it sounds like my kind of place!

Oh, and Scoble posted on this as well – the dog rule came from him!

We had a pretty cool working environment here for years – no set hours, dogs were fine… at one time we even had a margarita machine!

When people ask me why I don’t go back to work for a huge company, I think I’ll just point them at this post (and this one).

It’s not that I have anything against big business – I think they can be run in a manner that allows employees to be something more than “just a body in a cubicle”.  They just need to be creative – but even before that, they need to be willing to change!


  1. What was your address again?

  2. It’s here at my house, of course! I bought the dang thing – I sure as heck wasn’t going to send it to India!


  3. What happened to the Margarita machine?

    Dang, I miss that thing!