Wow, I am falling behind

For someone that is begging for customers I sure am running behind on a lot of things:


1) I promised a simple RSS tutorial.  I’m close to finishing it – I just need to.

2) I have some news on The Learning Locker I need to share.  Basically, I transferred it to someone else, but there is more to it.

3) I owe at least three Privacy Policy reviews – one I just realized never posted, even though I wrote it, and thought it did. That’s the Blockbuster one Deannie asked for.  My bad. If I can find my initial post somewhere I’ll repost.  Otherwise it’s on the list.

4) Geek2Geek – I posted about them yesterday (and hey, they found me TWO matches today ;)).  I exchanged email with the talent behind this site, and I do want to do a review of the Privacy Policy/Terms of Use.  And perhaps the site itself (which I find fascinating due to the narrow focus it has).

5) The “People’s Privacy Policy” – I have only gotten a couple of the reviews back.  Bad time of year to count on people to spend extra time on something.  I sent out a bitchy encouraging email today to the reviewers.

Add on to that the fact I am still preparing a customer site for public launch in the next month or two (complex site), working with two remote development teams, trying to complete a business plan for a new social widget type thing, raising a couple of kids, and writing a book.

Sounds like I am pretty busy – and I am.  I can always find something not to work on ;).

But really, I do have time for what I love to do – and that’s dealing with customers – so if you are interested in my help, I’ll find the time!