WP: Md. boy dies from toothache

This is a tragic story.  But the results from the online poll aren’t encouraging either:

Of course, if you think National Health Care is a good idea, and you think legislating who medical professionals must treat are good ideas, you’ll think this is a wonderful idea.

But the truth is, the child did not die from a toothache – he died from an infection.  No hospital can turn you away for serious medical conditions (not without losing their asses in a law suit anyway). 

So what happened?  I imagine the mother just waited too long to get him seen.

And guess what – if I am a parent with a sick child I will find someone to care for them.  Insurance and Medicaid be damned.

I have no issues with the government assisting needy families – it’s the right thing to do.  But nationalizing medicine means everyone gets “free” health care – so it ends up just like Social Security – where even the wealthiest of American’s “qualify” for benefits. 

And who pays for that?  Mostly you and me – the middle class.  The one’s currently footing the bill for EVERY social program – yet the ones least likely to utilize those benefits. 

Is there a better answer?  Sure – pay medical providers back when they provide care to the needy.  Pay them actual costs plus a fixed percentage.  Minimize paperwork, pay providers quickly.  Reward those that provide these services based on patient satisfaction.  Create a bonus system for providers that treat the needy, and treat them well. 

But I know what’s going to happen – we are going to have a Federalized Health Care System.  The Government will pick our Doctors.  The Government will control access to your care.  The Government will decide when you are “sick enough” to be seen.  The Government will decide what it wants to pay for, and what an acceptable amount of time is for you to wait for that required surgery or medication.

Corporations will love it. 

But guess what?  The Government can’t seem to keep the potholes fixed on my street, or the levies throughout this country is good repair, or find a simple freaking way to tax me (one that doesn’t need three accountants to figure out).  Folks, the Government CANNOT be trusted with something as important as your healthcare, and giving them any decision making authority on healthcare scares the crap out of me.



WASHINGTON – Twelve-year-old Deamonte Driver died of a toothache Sunday.

A routine, $80 tooth extraction might have saved him.

If his mother had been insured.

Source: WP: Md. boy dies from toothache – washingtonpost.com Highlights – MSNBC.com


  1. @Deannie – after the number of years I have spent in health care I know that most people i that profession are there because they are compassionate – they really care what happens to people. And they will do good work when we let them.

    Not to say that the bean counters and money-mongers don’t exist in that profession (as in all others) – but I am certain the good outweight the bad.

    So how do we, as a society, take advantage of the good, and minimize the influence of the bad?

    Certainly I think one way is to listen to the patients – if they are negative about a Doctor, or an office, then that should be listened to. If they rave about a Doctor or an office, than that Doctor should be rewarded.

    And some smart soeftware that reviews billing could probably already save us billions of dollars a year in phony charges. Unfortunatly there are more crooks in the Enterprise Software Development world than there are in medicine – so any money the government spends on software seems to be a total waste of time, money and effort.

    Ah well. Yet another problem we’ll leave our kids to solve. We should be very proud of ourselves – our generation has performed the least amount of government service, bitched the loudest when we don’t get things just our way, and have taught our children that they are more important than their neighbors.


  2. And what a miserable death he experienced. This is tragic.

    I agree with you that the government of today is not capable of providing what is really needed to its constituants in terms of healthcare. There are just too many failed programs out there that erode any hope of help from that source.

    It is of interest to note that tonight on ‘All things considered’ they were talking about medical care in New Orleans and there are many doctors willing to give of themselves on behalf of people in need. It would be a beautiful thing to see an equalizing of that nature occurring nationwide.