Writers strike could pull plug on TV favorites

There is good news and bad news here.  The good news is that I have a lot of reading to catch up on, so a writer’s strike would help me catch up. The bad news is I am just making up the part about the good news – I don’t watch many weekly TV shows (what happened to the SitCom?).  Two an a Half Men, I would miss.  Now let me think what else I watch weekly that isn’t on Discovery, National Geographic, TVLand or TLC…

That’s about it!  So if the writers do strike then I guess it doesn’t really affect me much – except it means more Reality TV (can’t stand it) and more Prime Time animated shows (can’t stand them – sorry – I outgrew the Flintstone’s a long time ago).

So reading, and writing are my options.

If you are lucky, I’ll read.

Goodbye Greys Anatomy, hello The View: Primetime; say so long to Friday Night Lights and welcome The Biggest Loser: The Three Hour Edition. Your TV schedule may change drastically in early 2008 if the Writers Guild of America goes out on strike Nov. 1, as it has threatened to do over the past few months. Those threats no longer feel like empty rhetoric anymore. Now, a walkout by TV and film writers seems like a very real, and frightening, possibility for the viewing public. Before we go screaming into the night with clickers in hand, a quick recap of the facts that have led to the Hollywood showdown between the WGA and the Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Writers strike could pull plug on TV favorites – Television – MSNBC.com