Wrong Number. You’ve reached Dutch’s Sister

Last night a friend of mine came online at about this hour.  He’s traveling back to his homeland and hasn’t been online in a few days.  So when he popped up on Live Messenger I said hello.  A few minutes later it was typed back to me, "This isn’t Paul".

I assumed it was his wife, Dawnell.  So I made a joke referencing a horrible trick they played on me where they were both messaging me at the same time as if they were in the middle of a domestic dispute surrounding supposed poker trips her husband and I made.  The "joke" was that Dawnell was accusing Paul of having a tryst – and I was supposedly his "poker playing cover" for those liaisons. Paul was trying to get me to tell Dawnell that we actually DID play poker on those "trips" that I never went on.  Dawnell was seeing if I would lie for Paul, I guess.  It was a very nasty prank that I haven’t completely forgiven.  Or forgotten.  They WILL get theirs.  In time.

In any case, I referenced that "joke" and several minutes passed before "my friend" typed back: "This is Paul’s sister – he is sleeping.  Sorry my English is not so good".

Heh.  Her English was fine.  But I wonder what she thought of me telling her that her brother was cheating with hookers in Las Vegas?

Paul, I hope you are having a wonderful trip.  Bring me some of that Oraganeboom beer (or whatever it is called).  And cheese.  But please – keep your chocolate and marshmallow bread spread for yourself.  That crap is nasty!


  1. @Paul – no beer or cheese?  Damn.

    @Dawnell – me, get even?  Why would I even consider such a thing?  (BTW, have you tested the water in the pool since you’ve been back?  If it causes your hair to turn green and Paul’s testicles to disappear I have absolutely nothing to do with it.  Really.)

  2. WHAT!  Paul went to the Netherlands?  That lying bastard – Paul was supposed to be in India for work last week. !!

    And Rob– we have been warned to expect a bit o’pay back on the practical joke. But — I gotta tell you — it was funny. Really, really, funny!!

    You were speechless and sputtering!  For the first time in recorded history.  HAHAHAHAAH!


  3. Rob,

    That particular sister was right in her assessment of her "English" skills, so she probably hasn’t even TRIED to figure out what you were saying.. she told me about the encounter and how she panicked! (She does NOT speak English, other than "Sorry my English is not so good").
    And sorry about the "Oranjeboom bier" (Orange Tree beer) and cheese… saw this post only now after I got back.
    I DID have a nice trip, but I could have done without ‘de-icing’ the car every morning…
    I love living in Florida…