– Symbol Technologies Nears Its Sale

 I’m sorry to see that Symbol doesn’t feel/can’t find a way to make it on their own.  I have a lot of respect for Symbol, a company I’ve had a relationship with for almost ten years.

They are tenacious in their dealings with suppliers – they are demanding in their software requirements.  Basically they were a total pain in the ass to deal with.  But they have a lot of my respect because of the number of Symbol employees I have met that were/are totally passionate about what they are doing.  Exacting, expecting, demanding – yeah, all of that.  They also build damn good products as a result of it.

The only company I dealt with that I had more respect for was TiVo – because they were also demanding as hell, and passionate.  But they were always so damn nice to you that you worked twice as hard for them (Karl Glynn, if you see this email me!)

So did Symbol’s hard-ass handling of suppliers come back and bite them in the ass?  I don’t know.  But TiVo is suddenly doing very well, and Symbol is for sale.

Maybe you just need to treat everyone well, even suppliers!


Link to – Symbol Technologies Nears Its Sale


  1. You are right – good point. I would certainly like to try and help Symbol – but I think they just have too much of this behavior embedded in their corporate culture.

    But hey, Symbol, you want to email me, feel free – I would love to chat with you guys again (especially now that I’m not responsible for delivering software to you!)


  2. I couldn’t help noticing that you didn’t invite anyone from Symbol to email you!
    THEY are the ones you could help in the area you find them lacking! 😉